Homeowners are astounded when they discover that your lock can be rekeyed. Have you heard of rekeying a lock? It is completely normal for you to not know about it, you are not alone. Homeowners, in general, change or replace their locks entirely. It is not that replacing the lock is wrong but at times they are not necessary. Other options can be beneficial too, both in terms of money and time.

In some cases, rekeying can turn out to be a better choice compared to replacing the entire door lock.

What is rekeying locks?

As the name says, rekeying, it means to work with the internal workings so that the lock can be functional with a different key. It would be difficult for you to rekey if you are not a professional. In layman terms, the lock remains the same but the key changes. The previous key will not work with this lock again.

Rekeying is cost-effective and makes the process of lock changing and safety hassle-free.

Benefits of Rekeying

Rekeying is the best economical way to change your locks. Replacement is not necessary and a couple of bucks can be saved. However, there are some other merits of rekeying too.

Increased security
Rekeying the locks helps in enhancing the overall feeling of security of the house. The reason is that you get control over the key and can nullify all the other keys by which those locks were operated. Why do people do it? Well, maybe they have too many spare keys or the previous owners had access to the same lock.

Rekeying the lock means changing only the main components like key pins. The best part is that key pins are incredibly inexpensive than the new locksets price. As a homeowner, you must love to save as much as you can. You can change your locks without burning a hole in your pocket.

Quick and easy
The Rekeying process is really easy and quick. Also, it does not require too much labor or manpower or the use of many tools. All you need is a key decoder, spanner, a catch tool, and the current key to rekey the lock. And, you should know how long it can take for the job to be done if you have never done that before. It is better to call for a professional locksmith Red Deer help and get your job done in a few minutes.

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