With the jammed door latches, your privacy gets diminished and your routine becomes complicated. So, you have to fix your stuck door latch as soon as possible. In the same way, you need to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Whether it is door latch jammed when opening or closing it, you must keep it functioning. So, be ready to find out the reason behind jammed door latches and the effective way to fix this problem.

  • Strike Plate Misalignment
    The metal latch unable to falling down into the strike plate hole, causing friction and possible stopping. It happens when air moisture expanding your door’s wood and shifting its foundation. To temporarily fix this problem, you can move the strike plate to the right position so that the door latch could fall into the hole easily. But, you need to fix it permanently.
  • Latch Jamming
    It happens when crud builds up inside the lock. Rust causes excess friction that appears in the way of door latches’ turning parts. To resolve this problem, you need to clean the lock with vinegar, dry it and use the car wax to rub on it.
  • Internal Parts Issues
    It may happen when something in the lock’s delicate machinery has broken. To determine this problem, notice if the door latch gets jammed only when you turn it. Using something by your own to handle this problem may not effective. One is recommended to call the lock repair specialist.

Hire The Professional Locksmith

When opting for the professional locksmith, you are actually going to out all of your guesswork and DIY hassles. You can rest assured on a locksmith to get a longer solution for the problem. The professional will also let you know the preventive tips to handle such a jammed lock issue.

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