Our Red Deer Locksmith services come handy when you lose your keys or have faulty locks. But did you know that there is even more that we can do to ensure your home’s security? Our skilled locksmiths are fully equipped to deal with all kinds of security related issues. We are the secret to making your home much more safe and sound.

Here’s how we do it:

Locate potential points of weakness

Our Red Deer locksmith will go around your home and identify potential security weaknesses. You may not be aware how easy it is to break into your home. Our skilled and experienced locksmiths can help you identify possible points of weakness and recommend the best ways to making them secure.

Ensure that all your locks are burglar-proof

If you have some valuable belongings or critical documents in your home it is important that you keep them at a safe place. Our residential locksmiths will make sure your present locks cannot be breached by burglars. We can install security door locks, deadlocks and patio bolts. We only use high quality locks so that our clients can rest easy knowing they are fully secured in their homes.

A single key for all your locks

If the idea of carrying a bunch of keys around is inconvenient, our locksmith in Red Deer can make your life effortless via our re-keying service. This is where we adjust the locks in your home so that only one key can be used to open them all.

Spare keys to save your day

If you have ever lost or misplaced the keys to your home, you know the feeling – you are waiting for a locksmith to come and let you back inside. It doesn’t always have to work that way. We can make you duplicates so whenever you are unfortunate enough to lose your keys, you will have spare ones with you. Keep the spare key safely in your office or any other place which is not easily accessible by anyone.

Homeowners want to make their homes as safe as possible. Because their home is their family’s haven, not to mention one of their biggest financial investments, everyone wants to make sure that they have the highest quality home security system. This will not only keep their valuables safe, but will also allow them to sleep peacefully at night, without worrying about potential burglars trying to get hold of what they have.

Let your Red Deer Locksmith install the highest quality locks. Contact us today to receive a FREE, no obligation quote.