How To Keep Your Door Locks Working Well

Door locks are crucial safety elements that are installed to ensure security of a home and family residing inside it. They act as a defensive barrier which protects a home against unauthorized access and forced break-ins. Though people realize the need of installing locks, they are not aware of the benefits of maintaining them regularly. If you are a responsible homeowner who is dedicated to secure his family and belongings, then you should regularly inspect the locks to discover any underlying issues.

Some ways to keep your residential locks working in good condition are:

  1. Clean & Lubricate Them

    Most homeowners are not aware of the fact that locks are maintained to ensure safer operation. They should be cleaned using specialized tools to remove any dust particles. To prevent them from corroding or rusting, one should lubricate the lock system of his home at least every six months. Start with a damp rag and strike it against the lock surface to remove any sort of dust clogs. In order to maintain the finish of your security system, you can use quality cleaner or a gentle detergent. Spray the lubricant inside the lock, and keep on inserting and removing the key several times. This will help in clearing away any grime.

  2. Make Multiple Key Copies

    Almost all categories of keyed locks come with a set of spare keys given by the manufacturer. This allows a homeowner to access a door using any of the keys. Most probably, the keys will face wear and tear issues after a year of use or so. Instead of replacing the entire door lock, one can replace the worn out key with its new copy. This will greatly help in preventing the situations of lockouts and stuck keys.

  3. Align and Hang Your Doors

    If your home doors are not in a good condition, then you are more prone to fall victim to easy break-ins. Even a strong deadbolt can’t help in this condition. No matter you have installed modern or digital locks, they are likely to fail on misaligned and improperly attached doors. Even the tiniest bend on the doors can cause pressure and mechanical distortion that can ruin the lock performance and durability. To enhance your safety and protection, make sure that the door on which you are installing a security system is properly aligned and made of durable material.

    These are some of the ways to enhance the performance of the door locks. If you are in need of an emergency locksmith in Red Deer, look no further than our expert lock technicians at Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith.