Have you installed digital locks in your house? If so, great. Digital locks reduce the maximum stress to pick a set of keys. When you go outside like market, for a picnic, or anywhere else, you just worried about the keys. At that time, you just thought about your keys that you have or not. By accident, if you lost your keys anywhere, it creates various problems in front of you. Thanks to technology, it mitigates your stress.

Keyless door locks are not only designed for home doors, these are also used for cars that has a remote entry system. Due to its lot of advantages, most of the people use the digital lock system in their homes and vehicles. But every coin has two faces. Means if it provides you a lot of benefits, it also offers you some disadvantages. If you are thinking about to install a digital lock system in your house, once have a look on its pros and cons.


Don’t Need A Key
How’s you feel if you don’t need to pick a set of keys. It is a great feeling when you know that now you don’t need to carry your house key with you everywhere. Just dial a pin code and open your main entrance door. Having a digital lock means there are no chance of lost your keys.

Tough To Break In
Biometric or digital locks are very hard to break for intruders and burglars. If you install a biometric lock in your house, you are ensured that your personal belongings are safe and secure. The main benefits of having a digital lock that the doors are automatically locked when you closed it.

Maintenance Free
Most of the homeowners have a misconception that biometric locks need maintenance and repair service after some times. They also think that these locks require a huge amount of electricity for running. But the truth is something else. These locks can run for several years with a single battery.


Don’t Share The Pin Code
Sometimes, in an emergency situation, you need to share your pic code with your neighbors or friends. Before sharing your code with them, make sure you tell the code only that person who you trust. If by mistake, you share it with a wrong person, there are chances of burglary.

Power Failure
There is no doubt that digital locks run with a single battery for several years. But some locks run with only electricity. If you have installed an electric lock on your house, you cannot operate it in the absence of electricity.

With a biometric lock, there is a possibility that you forget your pin that you set to unlock it. Once you forget the code, you are not able to access the door until to a professional not reach you.

Having a keyless door lock system is a great idea, but you need to consider its disadvantages also. If you have lost your keys various times, then digital locks are good for you. For more information regarding home security or other types of locks, contact to Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith.