Are you a responsible homeowner who is concerned about the safety and security of his family and belongings? If yes, then consider installing high level security systems that safeguard your property against unwanted access and burglar attacks. Along with lock installation, there are several other measures that if follows can deter the criminals away from your property. To ensure maximum protection, call an experienced residential locksmith who can install locks, cameras and security alarms that plays an important role in ensuring home security.

Some tips to follow for home safety are:

  1. Install Sensor Lights

    A home that is well lighted from inside and outside suffers fewer criminal activities compared to those which are situated in the dark. To prevent a burglar attack, consider installing floodlights that can enlighten your entire property. For garages, install sensor lights that will light up themselves whenever an activity is carried outside a garage.

  2. Switch Up Your Routine

    Before attacking a home, thieves constantly keep a watch to determine your routines such as at what time you leave home, reach home and sleep. To deceive them, its important to change your routine every 4 to 5 days.

  3. Keep Doors & Windows Locked

    Burglars are trained at what they do. They can access your property through any entryways, doesn’t matter it’s the main door or a window on the top floor. In order to prevent such situations, install smash proof windows and make sure that you keep them locked when going out for work.

  4. Install Deadbolts

    One of the most affordable and durable locks are deadbolts that consists of two locks and a double cylinder with metal plates. These locks are almost impossible to break, especially if your door is strong enough to resist a forced entry.

  5. Security Cameras

    Alike simple cameras, security cameras serve the purpose of keeping a watch on the burglars. By installing a security camera outside your home, burglars will believe that they are being watched upon. This will deter them away and your property will be protected from a theft.

    These are some of the common ways to ensure safety of a home. If you are looking for a leading lock and key company in Red Deer for lock repairs or replacement, feel free to call our professional locksmiths at Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith.