change-main-doors-lockIn the matter of security, there is no particular reason behind replacing the old and damaged locks. Either you are moving into a new home or some kind of malfunction has happened, it’s advisable to replace the old locking system of your front door. An installation of new lock will offer you a great piece of mind and ensure that no previous owner can access your home. Although, changing the old locks with a DIY method is a time-consuming process, you can request for locksmith services for effective and quick outcomes.

By following these few steps, you can easily replace your old locking system with a new one:

1. Buy Quality Lock

While changing your old locking system, the first step is to buy a new door lock which must be of high-quality. Make sure you check the brand of the lock so that it easily get fit inside the holes. Before visiting any hardware store, it’s good ides to take the old lock with you to avoid buying the wrong brand of lock. One must check for the few essential pieces of lock that include knob, strike plate, latch piece and frames of the door.

2. Remove Old Lock

In order to remove the lock of your door, it’s essential to unscrew the old knob and simply turn the handle to reach the screw. Once the screws get removed, the knob comes out easily. You just need a screwdriver to hold the latch and pull it out and also remove the strike plate. To easily handle the whole process, you can also take help from the professional locksmith.

3. Fix The New Lock

Finally, attach the new latch piece in the right position and fit the knob on the door by placing it inside the screw holes of the door. You must tighten the overall screws before testing your installation.

Once the lock get install, make sure it should open and close with ease. If you found any kind of difficulty in fixing it, then you can also take support of professional emergency locksmiths at Red Deer 24/7 Locksmith.