3-popular-categories-of-digital-locks-of-choose-formSecurity is the foremost concern of every responsible homeowner. No one wants to stay in a home that is prone to thefts or one that doesn’t have safe doors or windows. Having high walls, a ferocious dog or a boundary fence cannot help in protecting a home against unwanted access. The ultimate way to safeguard a property is installing digital locks or a keyless entry system. If you have keyless locks on your door, there are chances that a thief won’t waste his time on accessing it. They are quite durable and offer a better level of safety.

Few types of digital locks are:

1. Push button lock

As the name suggest, this lock involves the mechanism of pushing the right security code buttons that can unlock the door. The code is generally a combination of 4 to 6 digits that should be pressed against the keypad to gain entry inside a home. Push button locks are programmed with a memory that can store and remember dozens of combinations at a time. The only thing you need to do is press the right 4 digit code and the door will open up.

2. Remote control lock

One of the popular digital locks that offer great security are remote control locks that are accessed with the help of a remote. Its advantage is that a homeowner doesn’t need to remember a code combination. It is much like a keyless remote similar to one used in vehicle locks. The only thing you need to do is press the button on the remote that will activate a lock sensor and the door will ultimately unlock. The disadvantage it offers is that one cannot access his/her home if the remote is lost or left somewhere.

3. Fingerprint locks

These digital locks are somehow similar to push button ones. They involve a fingerprint stored in the lock memory to unlock a door, instead of a numeric code. Once you press your finger impression against the lock screen, it will scan it to find whether you are an authorized person or not. If the print matches, the door will open up. The advantage offered by fingerprint locks is that there is no need to remember a key combination or security code.

These are the popular digital locks that can do wonders to enhance your home security. If you are looking for a reliable lock technician who can install and repair keyless locks, feel free to call our residential locksmiths at Red Deer Locksmith.